IMCA ROV Introductory Course

Course Name: IMCA ROV Introductory Course
Course duration: 40 hours theory online plus 1 week practical at QSTAR.
Languages: English.
Course Content: Introductory training courses for remotely operated vehicle personnel.
For any doubt or more information please contact our Attention to the Student department at the email: or call us at telephone + 34 619 686 473

Trainees should meet one or more of the following requirements:
1) A nationally-recognised technical or trade qualification (military service qualification
and/or an appropriate level national vocational qualification is acceptable) completed in
one or more of the following subjects:
a) electrical
b) electronic
c) hydraulics
d) mechanics.
and a minimum of three years’ technically relevant industrial experience (including any
accepted training period) in an appropriate discipline relating to the above subjects, which
should have been obtained within the previous four years.
2) A nationally-recognised, higher (tertiary) academic qualification (not otherwise covered
above) in a relevant technical subject; plus a minimum of one year of technically
relevant industrial experience, which can be secured as a feature of the entry into the
ROV industry, i.e. a university graduate may go directly to a suitable establishment to
secure the minimum of one year of relevant industrial experience, which may be with
the employer.
3) In certain circumstances, candidates who do not meet the criteria above but have
extensive industrial or offshore experience, or an appropriate technical qualification or industrial
training course supported by evidence and references, may be acceptable.

Start dates for practical training part End Offer (2023)
22/04/2024 26/04/2024
10/06/2024 14/06/2024
09/09/2024 13/09/2024
  • Iva Oa Noa - Sevilla 23-05-2010

    Un centro de robótica submarina muy bien equipado
    y un excelente personal. Cuentan también con barcos
    donde se realizan las practicas con diferentes tipos de
    ROV, en el que prima la seguridad ante todo.
    Sin lugar a dudas uno de los mejores centros del mundo
    para formarse.

  • Marie Goodell - Norway 22-09-2015

    In Nov 2013 - I decided to do career change and at my new career path I decided to take my course at QSTAR ROV TRAINING CENTER
    in Gran Canary Island, Spain. I am today very happy that I decided to become a ROV Pilot Technician. Thank you for providing a very
    well teaching-practice ROV PT II classes.

  • Román Brun-Collín Alzina - Barcelona 12-09-2015

    Une excellente équipe, un parfait travail d'équipe. Je recommande cette entreprise à tous ceux qui sont passionés de la robotique sous-marine !!! An excellent team, a perfect team working. I recommend this company to all who has the passion for the marine robotic! Un excel·lent equip, un perfecte travall d'equip. Recomano aquesta empresa a tots els que són apassionants per la robòtica submarina !

  • Jose Manuel Lopez - Spain 26-01-2016

    Excelente equipo humano, No me cabe ninguna duda que seréis una referencia mundial en la formación de ROV PILOT.
    Seguir con esa línea y seremos una gran familia. Muchas gracias por todo.

  • Marius Molstad - Norway 01-07-2015

    “The ROV course opens lots of opportunities in my country and internationally. Personally, QSTAR gave me the most
    complete education. I got to refresh my electronic background and stepped up new competencies that make me feel prepared
    for even the hardest technical and operational challenges offshore.