• We are worldwide Training Establishment Member of the International Marine Contractors Association, IMCA participating in the Remote Systems & ROV Division based the Europe & Africa Section. We provide high quality and realistic training, receiving trainees from all over the world, providing the best assessement following the IMCA guidelines and the industry requirements.


  • We provide training in real conditions. This allows our students to gain all the necessary skills and knowledges in Safety procedures, Launch & Recovery, ROV Piloting and team work providing a realistic training. Our courses program is structured in theorical and practical classes, providing all the skills required by the professional industry.


  • QSTAR offers the locations, human technical resources and the experience accumulated over 15 years in services for the maritime industry and training of personnel. We have the most advanced facilities and the environment in order to carry out the specific technical training for the subsea industry and others sectors.


  • GEOSTRATEGIC LOCATIONS The headquarters of QSTAR  are located in Las Palmas de G.C, (Canary Islands,)  a strong reference point for both offshore and maritime industries and Barcelona, Spain. The geostrategic location of Las Palmas, Canary Islands, between Latin America, Europe and Africa, makes the Islands a transit and technical stopping place for both personnel of the Oil & Gas and maritime industry in Mid-Atlantic. With great logistics and flight connections to most countries and having the best climate in the world with clear and deep waters makes it a perfect training location, receiving trainees from all over the world all year round.


  • At QSTAR we are committed to client success. We are proud that companies and institutions choose QSTAR trained personnel. Technicians who were trained in QSTAR are part of the work teams in important institutions and companies of the sector.


  • We also offer OPITO BOSIET & UKOOA OGUK Offshore medical certifications in Las Palmas,  Canary Islands, needed for the offshore industry.


  • We deliver Corporate Training Onsite and ROV Commissioning support Worldwide, providing the best assessement following IMCA guidelines and company requirements.  


  • Our high qualified experienced Team of Subsea Engineers, ROV Instructors and Supervisors are ready to take any project requested onsite, related either with Ocean Research, Oil&Gas, Subsea Construction, Marine Surveys and other industries.